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Smartphone repair

Mobile phones life cycle

Optimise your mobile phone life cycle management

We develop innovative repair, refurbishment, reverse logistics, and customer services solutions in-centre or in-store for telephones, smartphones and tablets. Our mission: to maximise your customers’ satisfaction with our outstanding services. 

Identification et enregistrement de l'arrivée de smartphones destinés à une prise en charge SAV
Un smartphone positionné dans une boîte suit un parcours précis au sein des lignes de réparation et de reconditionnement
Magasin robotisé pour optimiser, sécuriser le stockage et assurer la traçabilité des pièces détachées et composants

Reverse logistics and supply chain
Simplify returns flows and optimise your inventory

We implement logistics processes tailored to your requirements and those of CONSUMERS OR PROFESSIONALS.
In partnership with major haulage operators, we manage all your after-sales returns, covering both products and accessories for repair or reuse, and ensure optimised implementation times.
We guarantee full traceability at each processing step : receipt, processing, return to inventory, packing, shipment and distribution.

Our engineering teams design innovative tools to supervise transport of products and accessories and manage them at our international hubs in accordance with your processes: repair, cooling-off periods, buyback/trade-in, loaner kits, returns of unsold products, etc.

At the centre of this ecosystem, we manage and supervise your flows through a rapid testing and repair/refurbishment cycle.

We are experts in purchasing and supplying spare parts and electronic components, and adopt a supply chain strategy aimed at optimising costs. We secure your supplies by mitigating the risk of stockouts and obsolescence.
At each stage of your processes, our quality teams check your parts’ compliance, quality and life cycle. They use dynamic tools to ensure their traceability and optimise management of your flows.

Logiciel de test du smartphone développé par nos équipes. Ici, notre technicien teste l'écran du téléphone en le touchant. Le logiciel nous permet de voir si le téléphone a détecté cette touche.

Diagnostics Ensure that your products are directed to the appropriate process

On receiving mobile phones and accessories, our expert teams apply industrial inspection and testing processes, which can be configured to suit your requirements. Working closely with manufacturers, we use a full range of diagnostic tools to quickly identify genuine faults and meet your requirements for dealing with these.

Our expertise: DIRECTING PRODUCTS AND ACCESSORIES TO A RAPID PROCESSING CYCLE USING A DECISION-MAKING MATRIX. Our technical team will help you choose how to configure this matrix based on your cost optimisation priorities and benefit from synergies between your various processes.

Anthony va procéder à l'ouverture du smartphone pour pouvoir le réparer
Le mobile est ouvert. La façade arrière et la batterie sont extraites du téléphone. Anthony va désormais pouvoir réparer la batterie.

Repair and refurbishment
Extend your phones’ service life

We are experts in high-tech equipment and develop manufacturer-certified repair processes. Our expertise : developing flexible production lines to optimise each process step.

We deploy data erasure/recovery, refurbishment, and software updating tools and services to streamline your customers’ experience. We can optimise your processes by making material reuse for smartphone processing a decision-making priority.

We send any non-reusable elements for clean destruction by companies specialising in raw material recycling.

Our technical team can help you incorporate solutions tailored to your requirements and your financial, technological and environmental priorities.

Léna est au téléphone avec le propriétaire du téléphone qu'elle tient dans les mains. Elle le contacte pour reproduire la panne perçue du client.

Customer services Improve the customer experience with our multichannel technical support

We bring technical added value to customer relationship management at each step of the customer journey:

  • Online diagnostics, filtering of false faults, issuing RMAs,
  • Technical advice and expertise prior to purchase and up to order placement for products and accessories,
  • Support with configuring and using products and data,
  • After-sales product tracking, call back to hone diagnostics,
  • Occasional or regular satisfaction surveys.

Our teams operating at our repair centres in France and Europe provide multilingual and multichannel solutions: email, voice, chat, social media.

Our online solutions

Streamline the user experience at each stage in smartphones’ life cycles. We develop solutions to meet consumer self-service requirements or support your advisers at all stages in smartphones’ life cycles, from actual use to after sales and refurbishment.

Inter-OS data transfer application
Editing tool for creating personalised online programmes for manuals and tutorials
Self-diagnostic process leading to appropriate fault resolution or management
Platform for monitoring after-sales tasks both in and out of warranty, overall KPIs, outstanding invoices, transport tracking, RMAs, loaner kits, quotations
Full data erasure tools
Buyback/trade-in platform for your electronic products
Catalogue of reconditioned products for private customers and businesses
Nos conseillers en boutique suivent le briefing matinale sur les dernières technologies présentes sur un nouveau smartphone.

In-store Develop your local technical services

We can manage your service outlets under your supervision, providing you with a powerful tool for customer retention. Our expert advisers will apply your procedures to support and advise your customers with each of their requirements: purchasing, support, after sales, resale and recycling.

Enhance your local presence by offering over-the-counter after-sales solutions. We can perform expert express diagnostic and repair processes both in and out of warranty on your behalf.

Some of our key customers

We are recognised and chosen by top smartphone market players to develop diagnostic, repair, refurbishment, reuse, reverse logistics, supply chain and customer service processes and solutions.

Pour plus d’informations, contactez nos équipes

Do you have a project ? 

Please contact us with any requests for information regarding our after-sales processing solutions and web services for smartphones.

Un smartphone reconditionné tenu par les mains de Laure. Au second plan des équipements électroniques rachetés ou récupérés pour être réutilisés ou recyclés.

Refurbished electronics

Are you seeking to make your electronic products more sustainable ?

We optimise the return of your second-hand products to market, applying innovative solutions at each step: buyback, processing and distribution. We develop local refurbishment services that we continuously improve by listening to our customers.