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Second life & refurbishment

Refurbished electronics

Maximise your customers’ satisfaction with our outstanding services

We develop local solutions for buyback/trade-in and reconditioning, and web services or services at your contact points for your electronic products: smartphones and tablets, connected objects, computer hardware, audio/video equipment, domestic appliances, mobility products, etc.

Les produits rachetés arrivent en début de ligne de reconditionnement. Ils sont confiés à nos experts pour un premier contrôle administratif et fonctionnel.
Un smartphone positionné dans une boîte suit un parcours précis au sein des lignes de réparation et de reconditionnement

Buyback and testing
Recover products at the end of their service life

We offer trade-in of both functional and non-functional electronic products for private customers and companies either directly or at contact points: single and multi-product trade-in, corporate-owned devices, batches, destocking, unsold products, etc.

We develop turnkey or white label solutions to help you manage your refurbished electronics. This involves limiting discrepancies between customer descriptions and products’ actual condition: diagnostic tool, quotation management, photographs, digitisation of documents, etc.

This ecosystem is centred around our optimised collection of products for transfer to our reconditioning centres. On receipt, accessories and packaging are sorted and recycled. We then perform administrative, visual and functional checks to ensure the compliance of repurchased products and determine which reconditioning steps need to be taken. Any device declared non-repairable is sent for dismantling and subsequent certified reuse or recycling.


Après diagnostic, Stéphane démonte un smartphone pour remplacer les pièces défectueuses afin qu'il soit revendu sur le marché du reconditionné

Reconditioning Ensure the quality of reconditioned products

We are experts in high-tech equipment, developing quality reconditioning processes based on our manufacturer-certified REPAIR PROCESSES. For each reconditioned product, our quality team performs functional testing and visual checks at line exit. Our accredited technicians complete the checks by performing a visual qualification of products based on customisable criteria. We send any non-reusable elements for clean destruction by companies specialising in raw material recycling.

We permanently delete all data from such products (e.g. smartphones). Each product we receive only leaves our sites once the previous user’s data has been wiped and the latest compatible software update has been installed.

Léna est au téléphone avec le propriétaire du téléphone qu'elle tient dans les mains. Elle le contacte pour reproduire la panne perçue du client.

Customer services Improve the customer experience with our multichannel technical support

Our teams operating at our repair centres in France and Europe provide multilingual and multichannel solutions : email, voice, chat, social media. We bring technical added value to customer relationship management at each step of the customer journey :

  • Technical advice and expertise prior to purchase and up to order placement and/or resale of products and accessories,
  • Support with configuring and using products and data,
  • Online diagnostics, filtering of false faults, issuing RMAs,
  • After-sales product tracking, call back to hone diagnostics,
  • Occasional or regular satisfaction surveys.

Our online solutions

We develop solutions to streamline the user experience and meet consumer self-service requirements or support your advisers.

Catalogue of reconditioned products for private customers and businesses
Inter-OS data transfer application
Buyback/trade-in platform for your electronic products
Full data erasure tools
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Do you have a project ? 

Please feel free to contact us with any requests for information on refurbished electronics.

Plan large de nos lignes de rénovation et reconditionnement de produits Broadband
Des entrepôts adaptées à vos pics de consommation : E-commerce, distribution professionnelle, logistique de produits technologiques à forte valeur ajoutée, de pièces détachées, Drop shipment et gestion documentique

Our additional services


Do you use innovative methods to extend the service life of your electronic products?

We specialise in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of your electronic products at our industrial centres located in close proximity to your markets. We also work alongside your customers, providing them with support through supplementary solutions, either on-site or at home, in shops or branches.


Are you seeking scalable downstream logistics solutions tailored to your requirements?

Cordon Group subsidiary Mobiltron specialises in e-logistics, logistics for technological products with high added value, spare parts, and the distribution of specific professional equipment.