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Our CSR policy

Our manufacturing, repair, refurbishing, and recycling services are strategic levers designed to IMPLEMENT THE CSR STRATEGIES OF OUR PARTNERS.

Cordon Group’s commitment is reflected in the strengthening of its social and environmental responsibility with the implementation of a CSR policy based on 4 pillars, in line with the company’s values. These are broken down into 11 STRONG COMMITMENTS, WHICH GUIDE OUR ACTIONS AND STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS FOR HORIZON 2025.

Our 4 pillars

Our impact on the environment
We are committed to increasing the use of renewable energy & reducing our co2 emissions and waste production.
Know-how and people-focused
We are committed to guaranteeing good working conditions, promoting integration through work and fighting against all forms of discrimination.
Transparency and ethics
We ask everyone to commit to respecting the law and people and to establishing relationships of trust with all partners by fighting against all forms of fraud.
Responsible purchasing
We have made the choice of local territories economic development. Our objective is to build a long-term collaboration with suppliers by integrating environmental criteria.

Our 2022 indicators & 2025 targets

We measure our CSR performance via indicators that are updated every year. Convinced by our past actions and our plans for the future, we have been awarded the gold medal of the Ecovadis label in 2022.

We have set ambitious targets for 2025.

CO2 energy emissions

We emit 0.04 kg CO2 equivalent per product processed to run our factories and heat our buildings (energy consumed).

2025 target: – 35%

(Reference year: 2020)

CO2 emissions from transport

We emit 0.24 kg CO2 equivalent per processed product for transport to and from our sites and those of our subcontractors. This concerns the transport of the product, the supply of materials necessary for its processing and its external storage if necessary.

2025 target: -15%

(Reference year: 2020)

Plastic reuse

We limit the consumption of materials by reusing 77% of the plastic that passes through our factories, in particular through our renovation processes.

2025 target: 85%

(Reference year: 2020)


We endeavour to help communities by employing people with disabilities and by integration of prisoners. Today 28% of our staff and subcontractors are in these categories.

Target 2025: 30%

(Reference year: 2020)

Parity and diversity

27% of all managers are women.

Target 2025: 35%

(reference year: 2020)

Well-being at work

We have an absenteeism rate of 9.2% for permanent and fixed-term contracts.

Target 2025: 7%

(Reference year: 2020)

Our responsible initiatives

Reducing our CO2 emissions

  • 92% use of renewable energy sources (biomethane and green electricity),
  • Boiler replacement: -20 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year,
  • Installation of LED lighting: saving of 27 tonnes of CO2 eq.

Limiting plastic waste

Development of tools & processes for plastic renovation:

  • Cleaning,
  • Polishing,
  • Sticker,
  • Painting,
  • Regeneration,
  • Closed circle grinding, etc.

Improving working conditions

  • Muscular awakening sessions,
  • Ergonomics and robotisation of workstations to reduce drudgery,
  • Custom-moulded hearing protection for people with high noise exposure levels,
  • Workplace health and safety events,
  • Vacuum box for cleaning broadband terminal.

Promoting equal opportunities

  • Adherence to the diversity charter,
  • Training plan to combat discrimination and harassment,
  • Creation of a diversity and inclusion policy.

Promote economic development in the regions

  • Subcontracting agreement with ESATs, EA and prison centres,
  • Reintegration of employees who are far from employment through solidarity projects,
  • Support for local initiatives,
  • Partnership with local suppliers and service providers, etc.

Putting ethics at the heart of our business

  • Deployment and monitoring of our procedure for declaring gifts and invitations to all employees,
  • Deployment of our anti-corruption training plan,
  • Update of our corruption risk map,
  • – Application of the duty of care towards our suppliers.

Taking responsibility for our purchases

  • Starch bags to protect mobile accessories,
  • Cardboard packaging for accessories,
  • Paper cable ties,
  • Purchase of EV fire extinguishers,
  • Purchase of reconditioned pallets,
  • Call for tenders from transporters committed to “Green logistics”.

Making our supply chain more reliable

  • Deployment of monitoring software to ensure that our component purchases comply with the standards in force: ROHS, REACH, 3TG, WEE
  • Selection and evaluation of our suppliers through the deployment of an Ethics, CSR Performance, Social and Environmental questionnaire.

Our voluntary approaches

We reinforce our CSR commitment by joining voluntary initiatives: