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Our values

Innovation and customer care have played a central role in our past and will continue to shape our future. Our group's hallmark expertise is driven by our desire to make things happen while retaining a focus on people. Our teams working alongside you every day share these strong values enabling them to meet your challenges.


Our corporate philosophy is based on a solid work ethic, with everyone's expertise guiding decision-making. Our teams in all business areas are the source of our long-standing expertise. Team spirit is the key to our success.


We have grown in tandem with key global players. We are experts in agile and bespoke solutions supplied close to your markets. This customer-oriented approach has become the group's hallmark.

Responsible commitment

We meet our goals responsibly, with a clear vision of developing responsible services extending the life of electronic products, which are now critically important.


We are a group that soaks up knowledge, creating jobs in a high-performing sector to drive developments in a fast-moving market and meet increasingly stringent requirements.

Pushing boundaries

Our expertise is driven by the desire of a group, its founder and teams to forge ahead and play a pioneering role when faced with change.

CSR policy

Our commitments for sustainable progress

our services are strategic CSR assets for our customers

With the support of our partners and employees, we are determined to innovate and take action to build a more sustainable world for our children and grandchildren. As an initial step towards meeting our ambitious goals, we have been recognised by Ecovadis, which has awarded us a platinum medal.

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