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Lauréat du Prix Entrepreneur de l'année 2022

Serge Cordon, Entrepreneur of the Year for the French western region

The Group

Published on 23 September 2022

The 30th edition of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award was held in Rennes on Tuesday 20 September. During this ceremony, our CEO Serge Cordon won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the French Western Region.

Among 14 candidates in this category, Mr. Cordon was awarded this prize in recognition of over 30 years of entrepreneurship:

“I am very honoured to receive this award. Renowned entrepreneurs have won it before me, and I am proud to add mine to the list of winners.  This prize also rewards the work of the men and women who have surrounded me since I started, including my employees, my customers, my suppliers and all the people who have worked closely or remotely for the success of Cordon Group” declares Serge Cordon. 

Serge Cordon often says that “entrepreneurship is a sport”. This award is therefore a recognition of all that has been achieved over the last 30 years! His daily commitment to develop the company and thus create jobs, his passion for the job, his respect and his benevolence towards the people who surround him on a daily basis deserved such an award, didn’t they?

Mr Cordon is now officially in the running for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award at national level.  We will have to wait until the 20th of October, date of the ceremony in Paris, to know the winners!

You can view his portrait in the video below!

Interview with Serge Cordon for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award - ©EY France