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Box Wifi 6E Bouygues Telecom

Reducing the carbon footprint of Bouygues Telecom modems

Cordon Group supports Bouygues Telecom in converting its old Wifi 6 modems into Wifi 6E modems

Published on 22 May 2024

Bouygues Telecom, in partnership with Sagemcom and Cordon Group, announces a major advancement in the technological and ecological transformation of its home network equipment. The old WIFI6 modems of Bouygues Telecom will be disassembled and reassembled by Cordon Group in Ribeauvillé, in eastern France, to become WIFI6E modems. This initiative reduces the carbon footprint associated with their manufacturing by more than half.

Cordon Group and Bouygues Telecom are business partners since 2006, specifically in the area of set-top boxes since 2010. Our expertise in refurbishing and upgrading equipment is at the heart of this transformation. In Ribeauvillé, our teams dismantle and reassemble the old set-top boxes returned by customers changing their plans, transforming them into WIFI 6E boxes. This not only gives a new life to these devices but also contributes to a more circular and sustainable economic model.

This innovative project is the result of a collaboration between Bouygues Telecom, Sagemcom, the manufacturer of the modems (and our client in this case), and Cordon Group. This transformation reduces the carbon footprint of manufacturing by 58% compared to full production, a significant advancement for the telecommunications industry.

Bouygues Telecom details this transformation in its press release: “A new Wi-Fi card has been integrated into the Bbox Fibre Wifi 6 modem to make it Tri-Band with two bands for Wifi 6 (2.4 GHz and 5GHz) and one band for Wifi 6E (6 GHz). The WiFi antennas have also been adapted to support the 6 GHz frequency. With its dedicated frequency band, WiFi 6E improves user comfort: even higher speeds, more simultaneous connections, better connection stability, and enhanced performance so that all household members can fully enjoy the power of fiber.”

Cordon Group is proud to contribute to this transition towards a more sustainable model. This initiative is part of a global strategy aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of our activities and those of our partners. Our daily commitment to sustainable development, which has been the DNA of our company for 35 years, was recently recognized by the Choiseul Conquérants ranking.

Olivier de Rugy, Operations and Sales Director of Cordon Group:

“At Cordon Group, we are proud of our long-standing partnership with Bouygues Telecom. The transformation of WIFI6 boxes into WIFI6E is a perfect illustration of our commitment to sustainable innovation and the circular economy. Our teams i work tirelessly to provide cutting-edge technological solutions while minimizing our ecological footprint. This project is another step towards a more environmentally friendly future, and we are honored to play a central role in this transition.”

The full Bouygues Telecom press release is available here (only in French)