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Robot dans un des ateliers de Cordon Group

Cordon Group in the Leaders in Innovation Awards

Published by the French daily Les Echos in May 2023, Cordon Group is ranked 32nd in this 1st national ranking.

Published on 09 June 2023

Since the creation of Cordon Group in 1989, innovation has always been at the heart of our activities: developing new processes to offer our customers, designing new products and services to capture new markets, innovating on our existing processes, all while respecting our CSR commitments, because innovation is a yes, but always with a view to helping to build a more virtuous world.

In fact, innovation is one of Cordon Group’s values: we are a learning group, developing our expertise and constantly innovating to keep pace with an ever-changing market, in order to meet ever-higher demands while working towards sustainable electronics. Our services are strategic levers designed to implement our partners’ increasingly demanding CSR strategies.

Our innovation drive, CSR approach and corporate culture were recognised in this first major survey conducted by Les Echos newspaper and Statista, an independent research institute. The aim of the survey was to highlight companies that place innovation at the heart of their strategy.

We therefore had the very nice surprise of being listed at 32nd place of the Leaders in Innovation Awards out of 7,000 companies initially identified. In our sector of activity, HIgh Tech, we feature in the 6th place!

Our dynamic approach to innovation, supported by our R&D departments based in 3 offices in France with over 60 employees, and our formalised CSR policy with its numerous actions and defined objectives, all contribute significantly to this excellent ranking. In terms of corporate culture, our Chairman and CEO and founder of the Group, Serge Cordon, is the first to endorse this ‘Cordon spirit’: ” the more men and women share the same values, the more the team spirit will develop and enable the company to rise to its challenges!”

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our employees, who work alongside us on a daily basis to further develop this corporate spirit!