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Cordon Group awarded Service France Garanti!

The Group

Published on 07 February 2023

Cordon Group has recently obtained the Service France Garanti certification.

This label promotes the defence and enhancement of French products, whether goods or services, and the companies that produce them. It thus enhances the value of service companies that employ in France and meets the expectations expressed by consumers, companies and numerous professional federations.

It guarantees that at least 90% of the people involved in the provision of a service are subject to an employment contract under French law. In fact, to obtain this label, two cumulative criteria centred on the workforce had to be respected:

  • 90% of the workforce in number contributing to the achievement of the essential characteristics of the service provision is subject to an employment contract under French law.
  • 90% of the workforce in direct contact with the customer is subject to a French employment contract.

In a socio-economic context driven by local values and more eco-responsible modes of consumption, this labeling based on a precise audit will allow us to highlight our services carried out in France and thus strengthen our image with clients and consumers on the French market.

Although we are a key player in the French market, it is important for us to guarantee to our customers that the services they entrust to us are indeed carried out in France, but also that they can guarantee this to their own customers.

“This label rewards all the efforts made by our company to promote the economic development of French territories. For Cordon Group, it is therefore a recognition of all the steps taken many years ago. This label guarantees our customers and consumers that the reconditioning and after-sales services are carried out on our sites in France,” says Thierry Lemarchand, the group’s R&D and Quality-CSR Director.


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