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Cordon DS2i sold to Cegelec Défense

On 31 March 2024, Cordon Group sold Cordon DS2i to Cégélec Défense.

Published on 20 May 2024

On 31 March 2024, Cordon Group sold Cordon DS2i to Cégélec Défense.

Specialising in defence and security, Cordon DS2i, a former Airbus site located in Val-de-Reuil (Normandy – France), joined Cordon Group in 2015.

Cordon Group has worked to ensure the long-term future of this business, despite its distance from its core business. A number of initiatives have been taken to consolidate existing business relationships, expand the customer portfolio and develop the product and service offering.

As part of these various initiatives, and after several months of discussions, Cégélec Défense informed Cordon Group of its interest in taking over the activities of Cordon DS2i, believing that the expertise of the Val-de-Reuil teams would enable the rapid creation of operational and commercial synergies that would promote the site’s development. The sale to Cégélec Défense appears to be a real opportunity, guaranteeing the long-term future of DS2i.

A ceremony was held in Val-de-Reuil on 29 April. Serge Cordon, Cordon Group CEO,  and Gilles Laborde of Cegelec Défense took part in the handover in front of the company’s employees and a number of local councillors. Mr Jamet, mayor of Val-de-Reuil, who was unable to attend the ceremony, was able to say a few words for Mr Cordon from a distance!

We wish all the Val-de-Reuil teams the very best for the rest of their adventure.

From now on, visit their website to find out all about their jobs and news.


Pictures of the handover ceremony on April 29th 2024 in Val-de-Reuil

Le 31 mars 2024, Cordon Group a cédé Cordon DS2i à Cégélec Défense.
Cession Cordon DS2i à Cégélec
Le personnel de Val de Reuil, des représentants de Cégélec Défense et des élus
Mr Jamet Maire de Val-de-Reuil