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Network maintenance

Networks maintenance

Maintain your networks’ performance to ensure their durability

We develop innovative reverse logistics, repair, refurbishment and deployment support solutions for your network equipment: mobile network stations, fixed network stations, optical transport, radio broadcasting, energy, etc.

Our mission: to optimise your network maintenance and TOTAL cost OF OWNERSHIP.

Magasin robotisé pour optimiser, sécuriser le stockage et assurer la traçabilité des pièces détachées et composants

Reverse logistics and supply chain
Save time and money

We centralise flows to and from our repair centres and your repairers. This gives you access to our global logistics solutions combined with first-class engineering expertise for your equipment. Our expertise: optimising management of your equipment inventory with minimal implementation times at each step: sampling, unpacking, processing, configuration, shipment and installation.

We are experts in the purchase and supply of spare parts and electronic components, adopting a supply chain strategy with an emphasis on responsiveness and forward planning to mitigate risks of stockouts and obsolescence. In response to environmental and financial priorities, we check the compliance, quality and life cycle of your new or reused parts based on dismantled products.

Our logistics and supply chain teams use dynamic tools to optimise management of your flows and ensure traceability of equipment and components in our testing, repair/refurbishment and deployment processes.

Test & diagnostic de vos réseaux

Testing & diagnostics Ensure that your products are sent for the right type of processing

We develop screening solutions at our processing centres, which can also be deployed on site. To limit potential errors and minimise flows to third-party repairers, we reproduce faults in genuine installation conditions and environments.

Our expertise: optimising average processing times and ensuring that only faulty parts are sent for repair.

Traitement manuelle de réparation d'une carte électronique issue d'une station réseau fixe
Changement d'un composant d'une carte électronique issue d'une station de réseau mobile

Repair and refurbishment
Extend your networks’ service life

We are determined to meet all your requirements and thus offer a full range of repair services with high added value. We take care of your equipment both in and out of warranty at our expert centres in accordance with your conditions and procedures for all kinds of repairs: components, BGAs, software updates, optical components, etc.
Our expertise: maximising repairability and reuse rates, cutting processing times, and reducing stock levels.

Our team of specialists in high-tech equipment is on hand to optimise your processes and meet your CSR objectives by :

  • developing refurbishment and renovation services for your products,
  • reducing spare parts use by reusing components,
  • sending non-reusable elements for clean destruction

This enables us to reduce material consumption and plastic waste while optimising your costs.

Analyse d'une carte électronique non maintenue qui nécessite une reconception pour réduire les coûts

Reverse engineering Extend the service life of products that are not maintained or managed

We analyse the structure, functions and operation of anything from complex small parts to network infrastructures to determine their technological principles and manufacture or design method.
We are able to perform both black and white-box testing and use our high-performance equipment to meet your requirements quickly. We can also help you build new scenarios to meet any new priorities, whether in terms of reorganising a production line or redesigns aimed at cutting your costs. We also develop all necessary test methods for production launches and repairs.

Test avant déploiement d'une baie sur son lieux d'installation (station de réseau fixe)

Deployment support Optimise your hardware and software deployment

We can optimise your deployment models, from hardware pre-deployment to commissioning. We perform hardware and software configuration for equipment at our centres before subsequently transporting it to its installation site. Our engineers detect any potential faults before equipment arrives on site to save you time and money.

We provide reliable and proven technical support services. Our experts can resolve issues remotely or on site depending on the level of service required.

Some of our key customers

We are recognised and chosen by top players to develop industrial logistics, supply chain, testing, repair/refurbishment and reverse engineering processes, and design deployment solutions for network equipment and infrastructure.

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Please contact us with any requests for information regarding reverse logistics, repairs, refurbishment and deployment of your network equipment and infrastructure.