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BGA repair Broadband Box

Broadband maintenance

Reduce your environmental impact and optimise your costs

We develop innovative repair, refurbishment and logistics solutions for electronic devices including set-top boxes, ADSL gateways, modems, ONTs, and WiFi repeaters.

Our mission: to maximise reuse while maintaining your processes

Après réception dans nos hubs, une machine dédiée fait subir des séquences de tests à plusieurs dizaines de box internet
Nous développons des solutions robotisées et automatisées pour améliorer la rapidité des tests et minimiser le temps de traitement

Record and testing
Optimise the orientation of your products towards the right processing

At our various global hubs, we manage returns flows of your broadband products and accessories from your private and business customers.

We ensure the traceability of your products and accessories and we tracks claims to minimise processing times and costs of ownership.

Our expertise: directing your products and accessories to a rapid cycle of testing, refurbishment and repairs focused on reusing parts and components.

We use a decision-making matrix to facilitate complex decisions by rationalising and summarising the relative importance of each of your requirements prior to implementing your project.

Our engineering teams develop test bench solutions suitable for all volumes and technologies. They will support you from integration in our turnkey services to the deployment of a customised solution.

Whether they involve manual or automated sequences, our innovative solutions offer a high level of efficiency and flexibility for introducing a new product or adjusting daily capacity.

Painting Broadband

Refurbishment Maximise your equipment’s reuse rate

Having risen to global manufacturers’ challenge to design responsible and accredited processes, we can contribute to meeting your CSR targets. By developing refurbishment services for your products and accessories, we can take joint steps to limit material consumption and plastic waste.

  • Special cleaning processes
  • Industrial cleaning of defective parts or replacement with new parts
  • High-performance plastic refurbishment
  • B2B and B2C packaging
Vous observez l'intérieur d'une box internet pour laquelle nous faisons une réparation assistée par une machine afin de changer le BGA

Repairs Extend the life cycle of your products and accessories

We are determined to meet all your requirements and thus offer a full range of expert repair services. From simple repairs to changing BGAs, we can take care of your products and accessories both in and out of warranty in accordance with your conditions and procedures.

Our team of specialists in cutting-edge, high-tech equipment is on hand to analyse your new products and technologies. Using customisable tools developed by our teams, we will help you assess quality and optimise your processes.
Our expertise: detecting any decline in performance to limit repair bounce rates and ensure that your products perform consistently.

Entrepôt logistique de stockage des produits Broadband

Reverse logistics and supply chain Save time and money by securing supplies

We centralise flows both to and from our centres. We optimise management of your product, accessory and spare parts inventory with minimal implementation times at each step: unpacking, processing, return to inventory, packing, shipment and distribution.

We are experts in the purchase and supply of spare parts and electronic components, adopting a supply chain strategy with an emphasis on responsiveness and forward planning to mitigate risks of stockouts and obsolescence. We check the compliance, quality and life cycle of your new or reused parts based on dismantled products.

Après avoir montés les composants sur la carte électronique, nous assemblons les éléments pour en faire une box internet

Assembly & retrofitting Assemble locally and optimise the sustainability of your products

We develop competitive assembly solutions right where your customers need them. This enables you to minimise your environmental impact through innovative solutions tailored to meet your requirements (quality, cost, time).

Through retrofitting processes, we can upgrade hardware and software owned your business or included in your inventory (if required).

Some of our key customers

We are recognised and chosen by top players to develop advanced testing, repair, refurbishment, logistics, supply chain and assembly processes.

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Please contact us with any requests for information regarding repairs, refurbishment and reverse logistics for your broadband products.