The Cordon Group

CORDON ELECTRONICS is ISO 9001 certified since more than 15 years in DINAN. All the activities & sites of the Group were gathered under the same certificate, in order to optimise the support process organisation and implement on the same industrial model the different sites of the Group.

In the same dynamics, Cordon Electronics undertook an ISO 14001 certification approach 2 years ago. Widened to our centre Cordon CMS, this recently renewed certification confirms our capacity and our will to optimize our environmental commitments (respect the regulations, decrease the energy consumptions, master emergency situations, and improve the sorting of waste).

All the quality-environment management is organised under the ISO 9001-14001 norms, focused on the definition of the process permitting to define the targets and improvement measures by department, in addition to the respect of legal and contractual demands.

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Some figures
  • 12 repair centres in France,
    8 affiliates out of mainland France, commercial offices in Paris.
  • 14.8 million products handled a year
  • 220 million € turnover in 2018