The Cordon Group
2018 : Take over of Recomercio in Brazil, takeover of a repair & refurbish activity in Cherbourg (Normandy),
resumption of Atrel company in Montpellier (South of France)
2017 : Creation of a subsidiary in Italy
2016 : Creation of Cordon Electronics Deutschland
Creation of Cordon Electronics Latam, in Mexico
2015 : Take-over of an Alcatel-Lucent repair centre (Cordon Networks) and creation of a buy-back centre in Germany,
Acquisition of Airbus Defence & Space industrial centre in Val de Reuil (now Cordon DS2i)
2014 : Take-over of SONY ALSACE (now CORDON CMS)
2013 : Creation of CORDON DO BRASIL
2011 : Take-over of TR2S (SAGEMCOM Service Company)
2010 : Start in the processing of ADSL modems
2009 : Acquisition of S2MI from CARREFOUR (PC repair)
2008 : Take-over of THOMSON EUROPE aftersales group
2005 : Take-over of CIRMA-CEGELEC in Bordeaux
2004 : Acquisition of companies in ROMANIA & in the CARRIBEANS
2003 : Take-over of MITSUBISHI MOBILE aftersales
2000 : Creation of a company in HUNGARY
Take-over of MATRA Telecom service in Rennes
1995 : Start of the GSM repair
1989 : Creation by Serge CORDON
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Some figures
  • 12 repair centres in France,
    8 affiliates out of mainland France, commercial offices in Paris.
  • 14.8 million products handled a year
  • 220 million € turnover in 2018